lilinkecil (1)


“Just open it”, said the boy. He was standing near the stairs. The stairs led to the upper floor, that’s where his classroom resides. The boy had a good shape, neither fatty nor skinny. His hair was side-combed but it looks like the hair tried to run away1. He acted as if he was in a hurry. In front of him, a tall boy stood with full attention. He had curly hair with round face. His fat body was covered perfectly by his height. The tall boy was standing not far from backdoor of his classroom2. The class was nearly empty. The other students spending their break time with their own way.

“Were there a lot of people there, Bowie?” the curly boy asked. “Yeah”, Bowie continued, “a lot of people played there”. “Could you give me the exact address?” asked the tall boy, now with excited tone. “Well, Yan, I’m not really sure”. Bowie paused, thinking for a while then said, “Just try”. He added, “You can find it under the board games directory”.

The school bell rang. The break was now over. Almost all of the students were heading their own class now. So do Bowie. He climbed up the stairs when Yan suddenly asked him. “Oh yeah, almost forgot. What you say your nick name was?” Bowie answered with bye-bye sign, “mem_morris, and I’m looking forward fighting you there”. Yan smiled and return to his classroom by the backdoor.

to be continued..

1 Well, you just can say that the combing effect nearly gone. It had been several hours after the morning, tough.

2 Just imagine that the stairs lies between two classrooms.

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