lilinkecil (2)

There were four columns and five rows of chairs in the class. Column number one rows number three—from the wall where the door lies and from the front—was almost a sacred place. Nobody in the class had a chance to sit there, because they know who’ll sit there. Yup, that’s Yan’s. He always comes earlier and already sits there before everybody does. Sitting with him was a short boy with straight hair combed in the middle. From his body shape, you’ll know that he had some self defense exercises.
“Wanna play a short game?” asked the boy when he saw Yan came from the backdoor. “Sure. Did you see the teacher, Dai?” Yan replied with another question. “No. Not yet”, said Dai, opening his mathematics book. The mathematics book was different—the boxes were bigger than the ordinary math books. Some of the pages in the front were already used. Dai opened the book and was looking for an empty page. After a short period, he started the game with Yan. This time, Yan played black against Dai in nine by nine points of boxes. The game ended when the teacher entered the room. Yan just won by 3 points.

It’s dry season. The weather was hot outside, but it seems all of the people didn’t really take any attention into it. The people just passing by, mind their own business and stayed away from others problem. Just big town’s people characteristic. Among them, there were two boys rode on their own motorcycle passing through the crowd of vehicles. They still use their high school uniform, the white shirt and the gray trousers. It looked like both of them were heading on a same direction. After the Water Works Company building, they took the left intersection and finally stopped at a house.

to be continued

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