lilinkecil (3)

The house was not big. There were fences surrounding it. On the left side, there was a gate door left opened. Inside it, you can call it a parking area because there were some motorcycles parked there. In the front of the gate, there was a small board with a blue writing on it. It said “Phi Vhi Internet and Game Center”. This house was the destination of these two boys.

Bowie parked his motor on the space inside, while Yan parked his near the gate. After make sure that their motor well locked, they were going inside. Entering the door, Bowie saw some small booths on the left side. On the right side, there were a refrigerator, a receptionist table, and a door that led to a room with more booths inside. A girl was in charge in the table. Bowie stepped closer to the table then spoke to the receptionist, “Are there any computers left?”. The question drew the girl’s attention. She glanced to Bowie and Yan for a second, then looked at her computer for a moment and said, “Yup, there were some. How many will you use?”. “We’ll take two”, Yan made a sound. “Okay, go to the booth number 9 and 12. They are yours.,” said the girl then. “Thanks a bunch”, smiled Bowie then walked to the second room on the right followed by Yan.

Bowie was entering booth 12 when he heard the voice of Yan. “Let’s take a battle, shall we?” said Yan who looked so excited. “Okay, but you must login first”, Bowie answered. After login into his account, Bowie entered into Games section and started looking for empty boards. Moments later, he started to play with many people. In the middle of the game, an invitation came into him. It was from mon_shoe. He challenged Bowie in nine by nine boards and gave the opportunity to Bowie to pick the stone. After picking the black, Bowie clicked his mouse pointer to the accept button.

to be continued…

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