Yan opened the curtain, which was covering the booth. Slowly, he stepped in and took a sit on the plastic chair. He then logged into the computer, after entering his name. After challenging Bowie, he opened his browser and typed the site address. Minutes later, he finally found the room Bowie had been talking about. He enthusiastically entered his username and password then entering the Beginner Room. A small window popped up and he could see it was loading Applet .
It had been awhile when finally the Applet finished its loading. Yan could saw a vertical line separating the window into two sides, left and right. In the left side, there was a list of tables, either empty or not. On the right side, there was a horizontal line separating this side into two, upper and bottom. The upper right there was a list of online username and the bottom was a chat place.
After exploring the window for a while, Yan started opened an empty board. He then sent challenge letter to fight in nine by nine boards and gave the chance of picking the stone to mem_morris. Not long, he saw a small popup said that mem_morris had accepted his challenge. The battle had just started.

to be continued…

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