Manner, Please..

1000hrs. One hour past the arrangement time. I was sitting on the bench with the others, concentrate on my computer. Then, a man came, looked like he was in a hurry. So then he came to me, put his flashdrive on the table front of me. Then he said, “the design was in this folder. I got to go”. And then he left. I even didn’t got a chance to look at his face. One minute after he leaved, I said sarcastically, “what a polite person..”.

This accident reminds me about the same occation that happened the night before. I was joining #linux channel IRC and observed how the things going. There was a person who asked about something. He looked like in a hurry too. His question got no answer yet. So then he wrote..

“excuse me, but i’m in a hurry”

“and do you think our time is less valuable than yours”

“we are volunteers here..”

“no, right i’m sorry”

Fortunately, he noticed his fault and apologized properly. So finally he got his answer.

We are not alone in this world. There were different types of person. Some person willingly help without condition. Some others may be will only help if you gave them a proper manner. So manner is important. REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT!! Don’t act to your helper as if they are your servant. You are the one who need them, not them. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!! Show them that you’re worthy enough to get their help.

So the point is.. Manner Please…

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