to: alste 2004

I miss u all..

I miss ur support when i’m down..

I miss ur smile when i sad..

I miss ur help when i need one..

I miss ur understanding when i need to be alone…

I miss our rivalry when we played a game..

I miss it all…

So see y’all at the reunion on August this year.. I wanna see, what kind of persons y’all right now.. 😀

Do you remember me?,, ’cause I know I won’t forget you…

9 tanggapan untuk “to: alste 2004

  1. Anata ga boku wo aishiteru ka aishitenai ka
    Nante koto wa mou docchi demo ii n da
    Donna ni negai nozomou ga
    Kono sekai ni wa kaerareru mono ga takusan aru darou
    (Sen no Yoru wo Koete~Aqua Timez)

  2. danu,, the Great Reunion.. for alste 2004 only.. so they said..

    I heard that it’s organized by Chatrine S.. For more information,, why didn’t you just contact our friends in Semarang??

    I’ll meet you there, Pal!!

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