Yan opened the curtain, which was covering the booth. Slowly, he stepped in and took a sit on the plastic chair. He then logged into the computer, after entering his name. After challenging Bowie, he opened his browser and typed the site address. Minutes later, he finally found the room Bowie had been talking about. He enthusiastically entered his username and password then entering the Beginner Room. A small window popped up and he could see it was loading Applet .
It had been awhile when finally the Applet finished its loading. Yan could saw a vertical line separating the window into two sides, left and right. In the left side, there was a list of tables, either empty or not. On the right side, there was a horizontal line separating this side into two, upper and bottom. The upper right there was a list of online username and the bottom was a chat place.
After exploring the window for a while, Yan started opened an empty board. He then sent challenge letter to fight in nine by nine boards and gave the chance of picking the stone to mem_morris. Not long, he saw a small popup said that mem_morris had accepted his challenge. The battle had just started.

to be continued…

lilinkecil (3)

The house was not big. There were fences surrounding it. On the left side, there was a gate door left opened. Inside it, you can call it a parking area because there were some motorcycles parked there. In the front of the gate, there was a small board with a blue writing on it. It said “Phi Vhi Internet and Game Center”. This house was the destination of these two boys.

Bowie parked his motor on the space inside, while Yan parked his near the gate. After make sure that their motor well locked, they were going inside. Entering the door, Bowie saw some small booths on the left side. On the right side, there were a refrigerator, a receptionist table, and a door that led to a room with more booths inside. A girl was in charge in the table. Bowie stepped closer to the table then spoke to the receptionist, “Are there any computers left?”. The question drew the girl’s attention. She glanced to Bowie and Yan for a second, then looked at her computer for a moment and said, “Yup, there were some. How many will you use?”. “We’ll take two”, Yan made a sound. “Okay, go to the booth number 9 and 12. They are yours.,” said the girl then. “Thanks a bunch”, smiled Bowie then walked to the second room on the right followed by Yan.

Bowie was entering booth 12 when he heard the voice of Yan. “Let’s take a battle, shall we?” said Yan who looked so excited. “Okay, but you must login first”, Bowie answered. After login into his account, Bowie entered into Games section and started looking for empty boards. Moments later, he started to play with many people. In the middle of the game, an invitation came into him. It was from mon_shoe. He challenged Bowie in nine by nine boards and gave the opportunity to Bowie to pick the stone. After picking the black, Bowie clicked his mouse pointer to the accept button.

to be continued…

lilinkecil (2)

There were four columns and five rows of chairs in the class. Column number one rows number three—from the wall where the door lies and from the front—was almost a sacred place. Nobody in the class had a chance to sit there, because they know who’ll sit there. Yup, that’s Yan’s. He always comes earlier and already sits there before everybody does. Sitting with him was a short boy with straight hair combed in the middle. From his body shape, you’ll know that he had some self defense exercises.
“Wanna play a short game?” asked the boy when he saw Yan came from the backdoor. “Sure. Did you see the teacher, Dai?” Yan replied with another question. “No. Not yet”, said Dai, opening his mathematics book. The mathematics book was different—the boxes were bigger than the ordinary math books. Some of the pages in the front were already used. Dai opened the book and was looking for an empty page. After a short period, he started the game with Yan. This time, Yan played black against Dai in nine by nine points of boxes. The game ended when the teacher entered the room. Yan just won by 3 points.

It’s dry season. The weather was hot outside, but it seems all of the people didn’t really take any attention into it. The people just passing by, mind their own business and stayed away from others problem. Just big town’s people characteristic. Among them, there were two boys rode on their own motorcycle passing through the crowd of vehicles. They still use their high school uniform, the white shirt and the gray trousers. It looked like both of them were heading on a same direction. After the Water Works Company building, they took the left intersection and finally stopped at a house.

to be continued

lilinkecil (1)


“Just open it”, said the boy. He was standing near the stairs. The stairs led to the upper floor, that’s where his classroom resides. The boy had a good shape, neither fatty nor skinny. His hair was side-combed but it looks like the hair tried to run away1. He acted as if he was in a hurry. In front of him, a tall boy stood with full attention. He had curly hair with round face. His fat body was covered perfectly by his height. The tall boy was standing not far from backdoor of his classroom2. The class was nearly empty. The other students spending their break time with their own way.

“Were there a lot of people there, Bowie?” the curly boy asked. “Yeah”, Bowie continued, “a lot of people played there”. “Could you give me the exact address?” asked the tall boy, now with excited tone. “Well, Yan, I’m not really sure”. Bowie paused, thinking for a while then said, “Just try”. He added, “You can find it under the board games directory”.

The school bell rang. The break was now over. Almost all of the students were heading their own class now. So do Bowie. He climbed up the stairs when Yan suddenly asked him. “Oh yeah, almost forgot. What you say your nick name was?” Bowie answered with bye-bye sign, “mem_morris, and I’m looking forward fighting you there”. Yan smiled and return to his classroom by the backdoor.

to be continued..

1 Well, you just can say that the combing effect nearly gone. It had been several hours after the morning, tough.

2 Just imagine that the stairs lies between two classrooms.